Postcard #3

Today’s postcard is an old time favourite, some paint on a canvas.

Went to see the Lyric Hammersmith and Filter production of a Midsummer Night’s Dream tonight. Described as the ‘craziest take I’ve ever seen‘ , this is true “rough theatre” karaoke-style bawling into a microphone, it was extremely funny. I felt sad some of my favourite lines were a bit lost in the general madness, but I felt other moments really captured the play, and the modern take on it gave it new meanings for me.


I’ve taken some of the Midsummer Night’s Dream as inspiration for the script I’m writing based on the aftermath of a wedding, and it was good to see it acted out with additional slapstick, as the more I write my script the more slapstick I start writing, a lot of it taken from the suggestions of the actors I ran the script by on the script writing week. It seemed there was a lot of joy in pulling the carefully planned wedding apart that my script was simulating!

I was inspired by the play within a play, but didn’t want to try anything that obvious, so I’ve tried to use the wedding planner as being the play director of the wedding, which is itself a performance with a stage on which people recite monologues, ie the best man’s speech. I also have echoed the love entanglements with the two couples, but I’ve provided a third couple to sort out their entanglements. We’ll see how it goes, last scene needs writing.


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