Colour Me Blue, colour me orange…

Free Writing in the Blue Chamber of Liz West’s Difference is Important:

Blue, blue, blue, ocean of waste

Flowering dying flourishing

Ultra violet an isolated prism

The trays of drinks that exist to be drunk

The alcohol that turns the world dizzy

Serve me from a paper cup

A paper dish

Swallowing salt water

In a wrinkled cup

Its many rings ripple

Under my fingers

It is moving it is going somewhere

It is in the boxes to protect the china

it is a plastic fork and two spoons

in a desert where I mirage

An oasis of feeling from nothing.

The Orange Chamber 

The imaginary junkyards stretch into miles

Of identical realms of rubbish

An innocuous pile of plastic

Shiny as the day it was brought

Buckets and balls and bottles

Let a child loose into playground

Of discarded objects, to poke at a fallen chair

Placid and purposeless, nothing rotten or aged

Brush heads, boots, a bra

With its wire still shaping its twin curves

A beach towel with someone’s memories

In its folds, their thoughts growing stale

And dissolving, how long is the string

That unwinds from a wash basket.



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