Postcard #2

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It seems more like a prose-poem I’m coming out with on the postcards, with vague story lines behind them. Second installment I left in the coffee shop.


Managed to get down to Blank Media Gallery today and see Liz West’s exhibition: Chroma. I really enjoy the atmosphere her pieces create, and her use of materials. I wrote this piece based on responding to the red cupboard of The Visual Grey:

What We Throw Away


Roaming inside a cupboard’s stomach,

Finding junk, chewed and blunt.

Sweet wrappers crumpled and thrown;

A jug shapes the empty air.


Ribbons trail, flagging down no one

gliding and packed as intestines

plastic sign posts-

washing up liquid tops are ulcers

to be picked out by your mind’s eye

floating over this red graveyard.


a camera’s flash gives off a jelly shine

intrusive light sharp as nausea swimming

in you, as plastic ripples,


I’m throwing up the wrapping

From all the Christmas presents

I’ve ever had, it slides,

Beautiful and gleaming,

Onto the floor.



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