Blog 30: Postcard Poem


I had a strange dream last night where I tried to make postcards using bits of poem, so I’m putting the dream into practice. I have a stack of postcards from exhibitions and museums, today on my way to work I took one to write on. It didn’t have any space for my poem, I had to improvise by sticking paper on it. I chose a duck themed one, ducks being the traditional place to start. I used a postcard advertising the Everything Everywhere exhibition, Petra Stridfeldt’s image of a duck-head, you can see it here; and here is what I wrote:



I’ll be trying to fill some other postcards up and will post them up here as I go. Kind of my own postsecret inspired mini-project. I also like the postcards someone is writing to David Cameron from random locations, very funny. They don’t say much to him, just general comments on the weather, British conversation innit.

Last week I was around when Manchester Literature Festival needed people to hold signs for them. Here is an example of my sign holding skill:


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