Blog 28: Lilith Sounds


Lilith Speaks


Tell of a garden’s fenced in promise

The potential to spill out into forest

Her appetite whetted, wanting knowledge

And the tree’s maze, the birds that sang

Their wordless, warning messages

Fruit plucked, from branch to hand

Warmed the palms of a woman


Eve; step down from your

Pedestal of stone,

There’s a snake who’d like

To stroke your slim ankles.

Temptation, temptation

Beckoning from the branches,

An orb as strangely beautiful

As a foreign, fecund moon.


Those blossoming names

Were offered you, instead

You went for the juice,

What a gobbling, greedy, garrulous choice.


You are pedestal fallen, angelic,

Realise that you are naked

The lure of a truth in your head

Temptation’s strength in the bed

Tell of a garden’s fenced in promise

Appetite whetted, wanting knowledge

The flickering, forked words I said.


Huge thanks to Sophie for collaborating with me in creating this piece, without her talent and energy it literally wouldn’t have happened.

Lastly here’s a link to my other blog about the Rosamond, which has some details of the winners of this year and last year!


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