Blog 27: Conductor

I went to The Bridgewater Hall for the first time to hear The Planets, Gustav Holst. It was really fascinating, and being a poet I started poem-scribbling, Mercury was a good one to write to!


The chattering Mercury feet

tip toe among the violas

he throws his heart to the violins

and they pluck at its fullness.


The conductor Van Pascal Tortelier  was really great to watch, especially in the angry Mars piece. I started trying to describe his movements, and came up with this list:


One minute a puppet-master

A man catching butterflies

Pumping a tire

Winding a clock

Squashing a fly with a downward thwack

Gesturing at a small child

Strenuously marching up stairs

Delicately tapping nails into a wall

Painting a sun on a large canvas

Opening a door to a loved face

Catching a chair before it falls.


I could probably have kept going, the variety of images he was painting with his arms, with his whole  body, just kept extending. I’m glad I went with Lynn, who knows an orchestra’s layout, as that helped me comprehend what was happening better. Lynn’s favourite piece is the violin concerto, by Sibelius. It was quite moving to listen to, and left me with odd pictures,


A lone trumpet wails

I see my grandfather

in his fresh-furnished flat.

the double bass murmur,

a sledge of water crashes, coating

the rocks my mind has planted

following the harps roaming hands.


Maybe I watched Fantasia too many times as a kid…



2 thoughts on “Blog 27: Conductor

  1. I really enjoyed sharing the concert with you, Becca.
    And I love your poetic reaction to the music.
    I was still smiling from the Bridgewater experience when I got home but put all that creative energy into making a cup of tea instead!
    Well done you for putting your thoughts into words.

    • Cups of teas are creative experiences, agreed! I wrote 15 poems about tea and coffee at one point so there you go. It was excellent, going to try to go again when I’ve the time! x

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