Blog 26: Festival Renga Tennis

Third installment of Flaming Skirt Festival poems, these ones were done in pairs, hence the tennis renga association! So in pairs people chose a topic then began their conversation. We happily had the addition of Jonty, Kitty and Oscar with their parents Tim and Sophie who interacted with this piece.


The Ocean


Octopus floating

Crab on the golden seashore

Under the blue sea


I am waving not drowning

Itsy bitsy polka hot.


Oscar, Sophie and Tim.




The water is flowing now

Running down the hills, never stills

No thought and no aim


I wonder if, one day I

Might babble and float away?


Steph and Wayne.




Out in the parkland

Children scaling struts of wood

Kings on their castle


In their escape there is no hassle

Because its fun in the sun!


Steph and Wayne.




They mummify cats

They live near the riverNile

They had lots of Gods


Buried their dead in Pyramids

They lived a long time ago.


Sally and Jonty.


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