Blog 25: Flaming Skirt Festival Fire

The Festival Flag in both windy weather being taken down, and in sunny weather resting itself:

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Second installment of Flaming Skirt Workshop write up! The first warm up tankas we wrote as a form of consequences. So each person wrote a line on the theme of fire, then folded the paper and passed it on. The only rule is you cannot use the word fire itself, so you end up with a disjointed group poem that makes it’s own kind of sense….



Golden tongues of speech

Red, yellow, orange, flaming

The smoke clouds the eyes

Flames spread around the forest

You stub your cigarette out.


The flame is burning

Each time the match strikes, exhale

A flame explodes-Bang!

As hot as a smouldering rock

In the end I get blown out.


Burning, sparkling, bright

Reaching for a red tongued flag

The wind kindles me

Trees ignite, start crackling

Till it fades, burns out, smoulders


Feel the burning air

The match lighted the wood pile

Scatter the ashes

Whispering, shooting skywards

Only ashes are left inside


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