Blog 23: Beacon Buns

Sally Lemsford, creator of Flaming Skirt Festival, also the creator of the delicious Beacon Buns that sneaked their way into the poetry workshop somehow….I wish I’d remembered to photograph the ingredients list! Some of this piece is made up of tankas we worked on in a big group, then two are renga conversations between pairs. The couplets can act as summary points, and as moments where you move the conversation on.

Beacon Buns Renga


Sugary delight, is no plight

And the icing on the top

Sugar and cherry


Adding chocolate to the mix

My arm aches but mouth happy!


People always eat cake

They eat morning,noon and night

Lots of tasty bites


Vanilla, lemon, spongy…

Tart, sour, rich, scrummy red bun.

Everyone likes it


Cake is a wonder for all

Who wouldn’t like it


Perhaps a snake would reject

Turning up its scaly nose


Eggs, milk and flour

Mixture coming together

It falls to the floor


Scatters near surfaces

What a waste of a delight.


This is the first installment of the poetry exercises we did at at the Flaming Skirt Festival, more to follow from the poetry workshop and the short story workshop….


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