Blog 20: Life Drawing at Antwerp

Went to a Life Drawing this afternoon, first time I’ve used charcoal for a purpose rather than messing around at GCSE art. Sara’s fingers were black as if she’d been chimney sweeping by the end, she really went to town on the smudging. I doodled a poem on one of my sketches, which isn’t much, but I thought I’d include it.

The perspective of months

drifts by

The ochre afternoon shaded us

concentrate on the unpeeling glove of a hand

the fingers unfurling into fruit’s skin

those discarded bananas

clog up the sink


don’t believe in the lies that

we make true with the flick

of your brain a switch on the wall

turns you. on.

we are full of hope, sugar and caffeine.

These are a mix of mine and Sara’s sketches, I’ve put an imaginary book in her hand for one of them! It’s pretty obvious whose is whose.  Life models Charlotte Biszewski and Phoebe Coulthard. to see Sara’s photography project.


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