Blog 14: Flaming Skirt Festival

Sally Lemsford’s description of the event’s purpose!


‘Well, where is the Olympic Torch visiting? Not AMBER VALLEY in Derbyshire where I live! The official Olympic Torch relay is skirting round us rather than visiting any places in our borough.

So in protest, I’m creating FLAMING SKIRT, an alternative festival to shine a BEACON of LIGHT on our invisibility- a day of carrying the BEACON of LIGHT to different locations for creative events devised by artists for YOU. There might be competitions, collaborative constructions or demolitions. There might be tea and cakes too, and maybe prizes… who knows? There will certainly be FUN.’

As part of that fun there will be six mini-events running, and I’m planning one of these mini-events to participate. I’m really excited about planning to create poetry in response to the Olympic Torch’s passage. The idea that a nationwide event has created a localised, village-centered event as a counter reaction to it appeals to me, artists responding within the torch’s shadow.

With four days left to go to raise funds, over half of the pledge has been made.  This is a call out for anyone to contribute an amount small or large, towards the event! If you are feeling generous here’s a link to where you can easily contribute.

I’ll be posting some ideas about my mini-event, trying out different thoughts for it. Thanks for reading guys! x



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