Blog 12: Pitch your script

Hello there,

Have been out and about this week. Wednesday Night we won some tickets to the Manchester Rollery Derby game on the 8th at a charity raffle, which should be exciting. Then Thursday went to Antwerp Mansion for the first time, such an atmospheric venue, Woteva Manchester was amazing there. First time I’ve heard Ajah UK, loving their track Don’t Step on my Shoe. The mix of languages, lyrics, rhythm really exciting!

Friday night we were out at Amy Lame’s Unhappy Birthday Event, participatory theater style comedy. This became relevant on Saturday when I spent a few hours learning how to pitch a script in four lines to a panel. Very friendly panel, but still a panel, which is slightly intimidating. The main idea I took from it was the pitch needing a ‘spine’. Without a spine the pitch’s body would be sagging and you know, not able to pick people up….

The spine of your pitch should be conveyed in one sentence. Such as my spine:

A waitress runs into her ex at a wedding and they get together in a broom cupboard.

Only that isn’t quite it. But you get the idea, weddings, comedy, farce, etc.


The first activity of the script writing session was to write a four line story beginning with a journey statement: on my way here today….mine was a bubble of senses and time lapses which did not get many votes for being a story.

On the way here today the smell of wet grass reminded me of getting on a train very early. I am a child and everyone I pass looks awake. There are two dogs with soft eyes, I must have met them before because they are looking at me. Do they know my name?

A story needs an arc and a clear consequence from the conflict. All those old elements, the obstacle or the persistent resistance! The emotional journey. My four sentences are made of smell and setting, no plot, typical poet! Attempt two:

On the way here today the wet grass reminded me of being a child jogging on a school field. It is sports day and I have nearly finished the relay race, but I trip. I avoid the blame loaded eyes of the team, my name is stitched on my shirt. He muttered it as I fell.

There you go, attempt two. More conflict? I’ve tried! Is it a story in four lines? Vote now.

The Script Writing in Practice module is part of the course, and as I’ve placed my script in a wedding, people were talking about plays where the audience members become the guests at a wedding, which was pretty much what was happening at the Unhappy Birthday event. The audience members were all Amy’s guests, and the main guest was Morrissey, who never showed up! But we sang his songs, and played Morrissey themed games, and all went well. Although the cake was destroyed when Amy punched it. But it’s all good.





One thought on “Blog 12: Pitch your script

  1. Hi Becca, interesting excercises here. I really like your first script actually, maybe because I’m a poet too :). But loved the dog with the soft eyes and the smells of the grass and that you were a child and everyone was awake. Great stuff

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