Blog 9: Clytie

Tonight is the 3 Muses festival at the Nip and Tipple, I’ve been looking at which poems to read and am tempted to create a set around sunflowers. I read Enid Blyton’s version of Greek myths when I was but small and Clytie’s love longings for Apollo and her transfiguration into a sunflower that would follow his course across the sky is easily one of the most re-read. So I’ve written a love sonnet for sunflowers. Sara and I are also trying to grow sunflowers in a pot on the patio, so I’ve also written two poems about trying to grow sunflowers, one of which was for napowrimo last month.



Stripy and small,

Narrowed to a point

You creep in the shallow soil,


Flourish gingerly in the compost

Coming up slow, two leaves apiece

Sprout in the depth of the pot.


Slow and small, the weather soaking and sunning you

We feed you from the tap, watch the turn

From green to the flesh of flowers.


I could definitely spend fifteen minutes talking about sunflowers tonight; but I’ll try to resist!

3 Muses Festival
Sat. May 12th Nip & Tipple

Rough program of events…..

6-7 artwork viewings
7-7.30 Sarah p & Joel poets
7.40- 8 Jess Nichols
DRINK break
8.15- 8.40 Anna & Rebecca of STIRRED Poetry
8.50- 9.15 Clare Kelly & j Bird
DRINK break!
9.25- 9.40 Steph Pike
9.45- 10.15 Jo & Russ Samuels
10.20 Debbie Busby Belly Dancing
DRINKING til midnight-ish!



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