Blog 6: Rosamond

Hello all,

Yesterday evening was the Rosamond Prize, which was made up of three pieces between composers and poets. It’s a collaboration project run through the MMU and the RNCM. It’s been a completely new experience for me, I’ve seen Carmen in the opera but that is the extent of my knowledge! So it was great to be behind the scenes in a word-way, and contribute my writing. I worked with Sophie Mojsiejenka who is in her first year, she is incredibly organised about what she is doing! When you write the words to a piece of music it is described as libretto. Our tutor from last year, Michael Symmons Roberts has written many libretti. I was interested to see on his website the piece Winterreise which is a translation, which intrigues me as it suggests the translation between language and other language and then music, and the ways this might work.

Here is a list of the instruments from Lilith,including the singer’s voice:

Horn in F
Horn in F
Violin I
Violin II

I have shaped the text for it into a larger piece, a dialogue between Eve, Lilith and Adam. I’m hoping to expand it to a really long piece.

The winner of last year’s Rosamond Prize Martin Kratz has posted his collaboration on his blog, check it out! I’m planning to put some video of the Rosamond final event up. The winner this year was poet Lynn Pegler, writer of the piece called: Bertha Birtwhistle’s Superstition Misson. Composer: Michael Betterridge.


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