Blog 5: Sonnet-Centro

I never managed a centro poem for napowrimo, so I thought I’d try one now. A Centro is made up of lines from other poet’s poems, so a completely stolen poem! It’s all in the selecting. 101 Sonnets, edited by Don Paterson has just arrived in the post so I’m going to steal lines from each sonnet to make a sonnet-centro. I was attracted to using the end lines of lots of sonnet, and the starter lines are quite good also. I have listed the poem titles and authors in the order the stolen lines appear at the end of the poem. I tried not to edit the lines at all, I tampered with the punctuation once or twice though.


Sonnet Compilation


The little world the subject of my muse

of love’s austere and lonely offices.

It was the reddest rose in all the world

of rusty and unmanned remaining things.


I am and I have poetry to say and is that nothing saying it

and forgotten it. But that was the pearl

There it was, word for word,

And with a look (I saw once) infinitely sad


A small eternity,  a sonnet self-contained in rhyme.

A sultry stillness lulls the air asleep

These speculations sour in the sun.

The seas are silent in the sunny calm.


This eloquent breath shall take its speechless flight;

Now sleeps the crimson petal, now the white.




List of Poems and Poets:

Ad Lectorem de Subiecto Operis Sui, Thomas Bastard.

Those Winter Sundays, Robert Hayden

Farewell to Juliet, Wilfrid Blunt

My Turn, Glyn Maxwell

Opening the Cage, Edwin Morgan

The Bright Field, R. S Thomas

The Poem that Took the Place of a Mountain, Wallace Stevens

‘I dreamt he drove me back to the asylum.’ John Berryman

Sunday Morning, Louis MacNeice

Noon, John Clare

For my Daughter, Weldon Kees

‘Striving to sing glad songs, I but attain’, James Thomsom

Death, Thomas Hood

Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal, Alfred, Lord Tennyson.


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