Blog 2: LCP Workshop

Hello all,

This evening was the relaunch of a group at the LCP, for which I did a short poetry workshop. The workshop theme was ‘what makes you feel good’. The general automatic response of people tends to be: chocolate, ice cream, and sex. My friend Lynn did suggest the dawn chorus, and it was the specific time of day and where she was at that point that made me think about getting the feel good experience engaged with the specifics of our lives.

I wanted to start with the sensory load of the feel good! So we made a sense-hand:

Sketch an outline of your hand. The feel good item goes in the palm, and each finger represents one of the senses. Sparking off the fingers write a short descriptive sentence or a few words or phrases that relate to the finger and palm object. The above is my hand, and I choose the sea because it linked in with an ode I found, The Ode to the Sea by Pablo Neruda. We had a look at some of the poetic techniques that go into the making of an ode using John Keat’s Ode to Autumn and then used our hand sketched ideas to feed into a longer ode piece.

After the LCP stopped by at the Anthony Burgess Centre and heard the last few poets legging the marathon! I caught Tony Walsh, Anna Percy and Seagun Lee French.  Impressive poeming, very moving event in aid of Freedom from Torture.



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